Nomination Process

Nominations are submitted through the OABE web-site or delivered/mailed to the Oakville Chamber of Commerce at 700 Kerr St., Suite 200, L6K 3W5.

Nominees answer questionnaires that are submitted to the Judges. Judges may visit the nominee if further clarification is required.

The competition is not open to governments agencies. The competition is also not open to the Judges or their employers, current year OABE Partners or to members of the OABE Organizing Committee or their employers or to the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Oakville West or Board of Directors of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce or their employers.

Neither nominees nor nominators need be Rotary Club members or Chamber of Commerce members. Membership in the Rotary Club or the Oakville Chamber of Commerce will not influence the Judges decisions and Judges will not be advised if companies have any relationship with either organization. Judges are impartial and are drawn from the professional community. The Judges reserve the right to move a nomination to a more appropriate category.

In any given year if a sufficient number of nominations are not received in any category, the judges reserve the right to cancel the awarding of that category for that year.